SQL Server

In terms of UK based game software development and business applications, a SQL Server is the database to end all databases. It is the ultimate database purely and simply because it can handle the data stored, collated and accessed in any business of any size. No matter how you operate all business processes within your organization, a SQL Server will be fully able to handle the load.

If you feel that your business needs or that you want a SQL Server then Tentacle Solutions can effectively design and develop bespoke business applications to take your business to the next level with the SQL Server. This can store all the data you need to ensure that your business continues to grow.

The SQL Server is one of Microsoft’s brilliant masterstrokes. It is extremely powerful and complex, but that will not affect your ability to use it after we create a database to suit your business needs. No matter how many users have the clearance and need to utilize your database at any given time, the SQL Server can process the data required to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your business.

The most recent version of the SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server 2005, incorporates the common language runtime (CLR) component for Microsoft. DOT NET gaming applications that were developed with DOT NET languages, such as Virtual Basic, can now implement stored procedures and other functions that can give your business the edge in the marketplace.

Older versions of Microsoft development tools typically use APIs to access Microsoft SQL Server functionality. Rapid application development tools, such as eDeveloper by Magic Software Enterprises, incorporate native database gateways for high speed database access and automatic table drill-down for the creation of quick prototype applications for viewing, editing and adding data to any table in the database.

What does this mean for you?

If you choose to have a SQL Server incorporated into your bespoke Tentacle Solutions UK based game software development package then you can expect a higher level of performance from your database than you will have ever been used to before.

Not only does a SQL Server provide you with a functional and manageable database, it can also enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your business procedures and functions on a day to day basis. When this is combined with the level of security that Tentacle Solutions will automatically build into your database from day one, you will wonder just how you coped before.

The UK based game software development team at Tentacle Solutions have extensive experience of working with SQL Server as a platform on which to build an effective and efficient database. All members of the team are very familiar with working with it to achieve the requirements and specifications of a variety of companies across a range of industries. As a result, no matter how large or small your business, we can help.